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(Just an assortment of impromptu photos taken with a Cell-Phone Camera.....


check back often to see what else is captured)





March Snow, Hopefully Spring is near! (MAR 2015)

November Snow (NOV 2014)

Wild Turkeys exploring the neighborhood (AUG 2014)

Clematis Blooms (MAY 2014)

Weeping Cherry showing signs of Spring...FINALLY! (APR 2014)

Mom & Pop Cardinal and some of their friends (FEB 2014)

"Thumper" the Snowman (DEC 2013)

View of Smithsburg Valley from Pen-Mar Park (OCT 2013)

Annual Smithsburg Steam Engine & Craft Parade (SEP 2013)

Deer Drinking from Bird Fountain (JUN 2013)

Forsythia Reaching for the Sky (APR 2013)

March snowstorm sticking to trees (MAR 2013)

Christmas Eve 2012 Snowfall (DEC 2012)

Annual Smithsburg Steam Engine & Craft Show (SEP 2012)

Impatiens in full bloom (AUG 2012)

Purple Coneflower (JUN 2012)

Camden Yards...Orioles vs. Red Sox (MAY 2012)

Clematis Bloom! (MAY 2012)

Alpaca Show at Washington County Ag Center (APR 2012) soon? (MAR 2012)

Grasses in the Snow (FEB 2012)

Flag and snowflakes (FEB 2012)

Smithsburg Library (JAN 2012)

Christmas Tree at nearby Retirement Home (DEC 2011)

Snow on mountain above Smithsburg (DEC 2011)

Can this really be a snow storm in October? (OCT 2011)

Finch in Purple Cone Flower (SEP 2011)

Can you name this plant? (SEP 2011)

Camden Yards...Orioles vs. Toronto (SEP 2011)

Route 340 Bridge over Potomac (AUG 2011)

Barrel Planter (JUN 2011)

Mango & Sunshine; Feathered residents of
nearby Retirement Home (JUN 2011)

Lilies In The Train Garden (JUN 2011)

Thunderstorm Warning (MAY 2011)

Clematis in bloom  (MAY 2011)


Model Train Show at Timonium Fairgrounds (FEB 2011)

Antietam Station, Sharpsburg MD (JAN 2011)

Cardinals in Winter (JAN 2011)


Fall Colors (10/2010)


Walnuts by the hundred, Backaches by the score;

Every time we pick one up, we look and see four more!


Steam Engine activity on Garden Railroad (8/2010)


Hibiscus Blooms (7/2010)

First Blooming Sunflower (7/2010)

Encore....Smithsburg Little Sluggers (6/2010)


Smithsburg Little Sluggers (5/2010)

April Dogwood Blossoms (4/2010)

First blossoms of Spring! (3/2010)


Tree Trimmers.

 The local squirrels are not happy! (3/2010)

Yet another Big Snow Storm, ENOUGH ALREADY!! (2/2010)

Had to use snow blower on Deck (2/2010)


Birds were at the feeders all day during snow event (1/2010)

Day after record setting December snow storm (12/2009)

Still snowing on Weather Sensor/Rain Bucket (12/2009)


First snow of the 2009 - 2010 session (12/2009)

 Fall Foliage in Catoctin Mountain above Smithsburg, close to Camp David (10/2009)

Local barn (and a Donkey or two) (8/2009


Mushroom Family (8/2009)

Daylilies (6/2009)

Yellow Tulips (4/2009)


Spring has arrived! (3/2009)

Sunset on last day of Winter (3/2009)

Cardinals and friends (3/2009)


Finally, a little snow on the Garden RR (1/2009)

Blue Jay and friends (12/2008)

Frozen Bird Fountain, time to get out the heater! (11/2008)


Autumn Leaves (11/2008)

Two Hummers (11/2008)

Praying Mantis, "just hanging around" (10/2008)


17 bushels of Walnuts gathered in 1 day, what a back-breaker! (10/2008)

Rare sighting of the "Birthday Crab" (8/2008)

Camden Yards...Orioles vs. Detroit (7/2008)


Fireworks at Fire Co. Carnival (6/2008)

Wildflowers (6/2008)

Azaleas in Bloom! (4/2008)


So, whose feeder is this? (4/2008)

Frogs & Flowers (4/2008)

There is more than just one kind of Frog! (4/2008)


Budding tree.....soon these will be leaves (2/2008)

Trooper-3 enroute to WCH (10/2007)

The birds sure do like to visit the feeders when it snows! (2/2008)


Dusting of snow on Garden Railroad (12/2007)

Early December Snowfall (12/2007)

Late-Blooming Sunflower (9/2007)


Hummingbird (8/2007)


Tilghman Island Bridge, fully open! (8/2007)


Elephant Ear Plant (7/2007)


Tulips & Pansies (4/2007)

Double Rainbow (4/2007)

Could it really be Spring?  These Jonquils (Narcissus) surely  prove the point!! (3/2007)


Snowy Weather Station (2/2007)

Frozen Weather Vane following Ice Storm (2/2007)

Model Train Show at Timonium Fairgrounds (2/2007)


Snow on Bench (1/2007)

Birds in the first measurable snow of the season (1/2007)

December's Full Moon Rising in the East, just behind the clouds (12/2006)



Christmas train at Valley Mall, Hagerstown (12/2006)


Rainbow following storm (12/2006)



Thirsty Birds???...Frozen Bird Fountain (11/2006)



Cowan's Gap State Park (9/2006)

Steamed Crabs!! (8/2006)

Can you see the Hummingbird? (8/2006)


Camden Yards...Orioles vs. Tampa Bay (5/2006)

Christmas Eve (12/2005)


Flags in the wind (11/2005)



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